Cons of Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide cooking method differs from conventional cooking methods in different ways. The raw food is vacuumed sealed in plastic bag and the food is cooked using precisely controlled heating. What are the cons of sous vide cooking? Here are some of the cons of sous vide cooking.

Cons of sous vide cooking:

  • Getting the water bath to reach your desired temperature takes a long amount of time. It helps to start with hot water which greatly reduces the preheating time.
  • Sous vide cooking machine are called immersion circulators because it circulates and heats the water bath around the food.
  • Certain foods are not allowing cooking properly. This includes in the machine to hold the food in place under the bath.
  • Sous vide cooking food in the temperature is a danger If you are not careful about cooking times then your food can become contaminated.
  • It is also important to mention that you must use vacuum bags that have been designed for sous vide cooking to use as some plastics can leach out chemicals into the food.
  • The price of the boiling apparatuses is high. You can also use sous vide cooking controller combined with a rice cooker which is a cheap solution.
  • Sous vide cooking method is not adapted to all the products.
  • Sous vide cooking technology changes some flavours. In a vacuum, certain flavours become pronounced and others seem to change. The fact that vacuum sealing enhances flavours but it can also have less than favourable results.
  • Certain ingredients will not work well when their flavour is magnified which can give food a drunken flavour.

Sous vide cooking method will give a cook a perfect control of the temperature of the cooking process but also of the inside of the food. Sous vide cooking method allows you to determine the end result.