Sous vide now a days is undeniably is becoming the most popular cooking technique in the world. It is started in commercial and professional cooking. Now a days, it gets the influence of amateurs and some cooking enthusiasts. It is now becoming popular in home cooking, with its easy and well done cooking as a result. With this, manufacturers of such machine are drawn to designing models, which is suitable for home cooking. The features are handy, light and easy to handle. The most important is its price. With all its changes in the design, its productivity is not compromised. The product is called Immersion Circulator.

Immersion Circulators. These machines are design for home use and for amateur cooking enthusiast. They don’t come with its own water container, so you can use your own container. You just have to make sure that the entire heating part of the circulator is fully submerged in the water. The process is almost the same, only that this machine is considered to be better in accuracy, compared to water oven. It is easier to store after use.

There 3 basic reasons why beginners should buy immersion circulators than water ovens.

1. Affordability. Immersion circulators are way lesser in cost than its counterpart, the water oven. It’s a wise choice for beginners and just upgrade to the water oven if cooking is more intense.

2. Easy to operate. Immersion circulators are easy to store. You don’t need large space for its storage. It is also handy to operate.

3. Size. Immersion circulators size advantage is imminent. You can just bring it wherever you want to do your cooking. The occasion maybe held in your friends or your relative’s kitchen’s, you can still have it with you. All you have to do is the heater.

Here are also some of the specs you need to consider, before deciding to buy an immersion circulator.

a. Water. You must consider the amount of water the circulator needs, in order to operate. This is important, because some food or meat needs a large quantity of water to cook. If you want to cook a large quantity of meat, you need to use large amount of water.

b. Food capacity. You also need to consider how much food it can hold. Your purpose is maybe to cook for group of people, so you need to consider buying the larger capacity circulator.

c. Temperature gauge. This feature is also important to be able to check and make sure that the desired cooking temperature is maintained.

d. Temperature variability. Foods has different requirement of temperature to cook. So it is essential to choose the circulator that has temperature variability features.
e. Timer function. This is a very important safety feature and will at more accurate timing in cooking your food.

All machines are built and designed to adhere to the standard safety requirements issued by the proper government agencies. But, it is still a wise move to look for extra safety features in a product. Much more if you will be using it often and it will be done in our homes. Don’t forget, immersion circulators doesn’t come with the food pouch containers. You need to buy your own food pouch. One more important thing is to read the operating manual of the machine.

Each machine has different characteristics, features and functionality. To be able to use the equipment, properly and safely, Read and understand the manual. And by doing so, you will be able to use it for a long time. Remember to use and store your machine properly. It’s an investment.